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The Freelance Attorney Marketplace

Quickly and easily hire freelancers to provide the same high-quality service as on-site employees without the additional cost. Save time and money and enjoy a risk-free membership as we offer a money back guarantee.

ProQuo Legal is an on-demand attorney service where you directly contact a local attorney and receive a customized plan of action before purchasing legal services; like going to the doctor to get a prescription. The problem with doing it yourself services like Legal Zoom is that people are deciding for themselves which legal services they need; like going to a pharmacy and prescribing their own medication.

The first step to reaching a legal solution is to speak with a qualified attorney who can clearly identify your objectives and plot your best course of action. The problem is that people don’t have access to attorneys because finding the right attorney is challenging, time-consuming, and expensive. People can’t afford big law firms. People doubt the ability of attorneys and fear they are being overcharged. People are embarrassed to talk to their friends about sensitive legal issues and instead use search engines like Google and Yelp which are not designed to be legal service providers. ProQuo Legal solves these problems by providing a free consultation with a local attorney, a customized plan of action created by an attorney, and an eCommerce platform to purchase all of the legal services you need.



Connecting people and solving legal issues

30+ Projects Open
15+ Projects To Date
$50,000 Paid Out Last Month
$200,000 Payouts To Date