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Why is Incorporating a Business Important?

Incorporation is the legal process used to form a corporate. The term corporation is literally defined as a body, though, in terms of law, it is a legal person. Corporation can bring lawsuits, can purchase and trade property, contract and be taxed. However, the paramount factor of a corporation is that it guards its owners […]

Understanding Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

Patents, trademarks, and copyrights are together called the intellectual property and commonly apply to the rights correlated with knowledge or notions that are intangible. If an organization has developed or in process of developing a product that it will later roll out in the market, considering intellectual property is essential. It also shields the name […]

ProQuoLegal Your On-Demand Attorney Marketplace Featured on San Diego Business Journal

ProQuoLegal, the freelance attorney marketplace was recently featured on San Diego Business Journal. Here are the full details: Eddie Signaigo, a local litigation attorney, is launching a technology startup that he hopes will bring legal services into the millennial age. The new startup, called ProQuo LLC, is basically an online marketplace where users can hire […]

10 Steps to Starting a Business

It is very exciting to start a new business but at the same time, it is as demanding. There are numerous steps involved in this entire process which you must follow in order to not just obtain the maximum outcome out of your business but also make it successful. Here are top 10 steps involved […]

Monthly Business Networking Mixer in Downtown

Free Technology & Business Mixer in Downtown Please join us at the brand new Downtown Works in Downtown San Diego. This will be a great opportunity to collaborate with local professionals. Food and drinks will be provided. Our Monthly Business Networking and Technology Mixer. Presented by Sign Up FREE Now Agenda: 6pm to 7pm […] Attorney Marketplace Launch Event Attorney Marketplace Launch Event held on October 13, to celebrate the launch of our new platform at the beautiful, brand new Downtown Works venue in Downtown San Diego, was a great sucess thanks to your participation and encouragement. It was also an opportunity to meet and collaborate with local professionals.

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