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Business Transaction


I need your firm assistance to help us handle a business transaction and agreements matters. A referral will be welcome if this is not your area of practice.

Tatsuya Urakawa

Corporate Conversion

California LLC needs to convert to corporation. Need advice, S-Corp or C-Corp? California or Delaware?

Business registration and licensing

Painting biz. Need help figuring out what and how to register biz (llc, sole?) also how to obtain a painting license in California. I want to be owner but don’t have the experience required for the license. Any loopholes?? Looking to start with a free consultation

Business Formation for Doctor

Client is a doctor whose practice is partially owned by a non-doctor. Client needs advice on how to structure his business so that it is compliant with board rules. Client also needs the business formed and filed.

I need to legalize my business

I am going to start an online coaching business for people who want to start an online e-commerce business.

I need a LLC and to legalize my business.

Connecting people and solving legal issues

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