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Business Transaction


I need your firm assistance to help us handle a business transaction and agreements matters. A referral will be welcome if this is not your area of practice.

Tatsuya Urakawa

preparing and filing provisional application

New application. To prepare and file for provisional application. It is a consumer healthcare related formulation. Interested in filing the provisional in India.

Criminal Record Expungement

Michigan criminal law attorney needed for criminal record expungement.

Litigation counsel to block foreclosure sale

Need to file lis pendens immediately. My property went through sale via SBS Trust Auction company for $692,000 last Friday. Original amount was $755,000 which was the amount I though would have been the auction price; I was never noticed about this auction starting price or I would never have agreed to structure the deal I have with lender. we agreed to let property go through auction process but a third party bought the property and will not back-out of the sale.

Help me get my babies home

I’ve been fighting for two yrs completed everything now they r deciding to terminate rights with no real reason why

Business registration and licensing

Painting biz. Need help figuring out what and how to register biz (llc, sole?) also how to obtain a painting license in California. I want to be owner but don’t have the experience required for the license. Any loopholes?? Looking to start with a free consultation

Sick from Asbestos

Hello, I became sick from Asbestos after doing construction work. I want to sue the construction company I was working for.

Business Formation for Doctor

Client is a doctor whose practice is partially owned by a non-doctor. Client needs advice on how to structure his business so that it is compliant with board rules. Client also needs the business formed and filed.

Investor Lawsuit

Im about to get served in a lawsuit where an investor lost money in our business when it went bust.


I have created a baseball invention and I need help obtaining a patent.

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