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Tips to Hire a Business Formation Attorney in San Diego

Business formation is an important aspect that an entrepreneur must always take into consideration while starting out the venture because a business structure can help in safeguarding the crucial factors that a company is made of. A business formation attorney can assist you in establishing a firm business so that your business stays ahead in the competition. Often businesses are quite intimidated to hire an attorney and get in touch with one only after they are served with legal papers. However, if you have a business formation attorney at your side prior to launch, then you will not have to face such situations. You will be presented with key assistance in your new business venture by an attorney who will also help you in drafting and filing of all important formation documents advice on selecting the business organization form that is right for you and help you in getting your new sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company (LLC) up and running. An attorney with expertise in business formation will proactively work to make sure that all your legal bases are considered.

Tips to Hire a Business Formation Attorney in San Diego

1. Look for Someone Who Brings Various Services to the Table

Despite the sort of business problem you confront, a skilled business attorney will assist you in getting the best possible solution. Look for an attorney who is willing to provide help in various forms such as describing the different business organization forms, explaining all issues related to tax, business liability or management, drafting and filing all necessary partnership agreements, government registration documents or tax forms. An experienced business formation attorney should also be able to help you in securing all important business start-up permits and licenses from local, state, and the federal government.

2. Get Recommendations from Satisfied Client

Instead of going straight away to Google and selecting the first attorney who pops up in the search result, make sure to get recommendations from friends, family, and mostly previous clients as they can help you giving the first-hand review about the attorney whom they had consulted.

3. Credentials

By contacting the local state bar or going through the lawyer referral services, you can ensure that the credentials of the business formation attorney you have shortlisted are true. Lawyer referral services display important information about the attorneys only after completely verifying them such as their qualifications, experience, and their previous cases.

4. Cost

Cost plays an important role and the high amount asked by attorneys is a big reason why businesses do not seek help from them. Always look for a business formation attorney who has cost effective methods, works with an entrepreneurial spirit, saves your time, effort and most importantly money. Do not hesitate to talk about the charges. There may be some attorneys who are willing to charge less but there might be a possibility that they are not credible.

5. Interview

Once you have finalized the shortlisted attorneys, now you can visit their websites and start contacting them. You can also go through the reviews that are posted on the website by previous clients which really tells how well the attorney has performed in the past. You can arrange a preliminary phone interview or even meet face to face so that you get to know the attorney and decide who will be the best for your business.

6. LLC or Subchapter S Corporations

Limited Liability Companies (“LLC”) or Subchapter S corporations (“S Corporations”) have been trending across the US because they provide a number of benefits such as pass-through taxation, limited liability, tax advantages, lack of corporate formalities for LLC’s, management flexibility which the traditional corporations do not provide. An experienced business formation attorney will not only provide counsel in deciding whether your LLC or S Corporation is better suited for your business but will also make sure it is formed in accordance with California laws.

Laws Concerning Business Formation in California, United States 

  • ABA – Business Law Section: The Mission of the Section is to serve the public, the profession and the Section by furthering the development and improvement of business law, educating Section members in business law and related professional responsibilities, and helping Section members to serve their clients competently, efficiently and professionally.
  • It helps small businesses understand their legal requirements and locate government services from federal, state and local agencies.
  • EPA for Businesses and Non-Profits – Environmental Compliance: Compliance assistance means helping businesses, federal facilities, local governments, and tribes meet their environmental regulatory requirements. Compliance assistance providers help regulated communities and businesses comply with environmental laws through one-to-one counseling, online resource centers, fact sheets, guides, and training.
  • Office of Advocacy – Small Business Advocacy: In 1976, the U.S. Congress created the Office of Advocacy within the U.S Small Business Administration to protect, strengthen and effectively represent the nation’s small businesses within the federal government’s legislative and rule-making processes. The Office of Advocacy works to reduce the burdens that federal policies impose on small firms and maximize the benefits small businesses receive from the government. Advocacy’s mission, simply stated, is to encourage policies that support the development and growth of American small business.
  • Starting a Business – Policies: The process of starting a business involves complying with a number of laws and regulations – from writing a business plan to setting up a location. Here you will find guidance to help you successfully and legally start and run your business.

Consulting a business formation attorney in San Diego should be your first preference before starting your venture as you will not only be able to select the type of legal structure that suits your business but will also stay ahead in the competition.

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